Make Larger Worlds


Chariot delivers full 6LoWPAN + CoAP service on an Arduino Shield. 

Are you ready for wireless networking technology that distributes your Arduino projects into a local cloud, rendering sensors, actuators, and processor pins as web addressable publish/subscribe resources? We made Chariot to provide Makers with new technology on which to create experimental designs and innovations that were impossible before now. 

Chariot technology is a complete web-of-things platform

  • Low-power CMOS RISC microcontroller.
  • IHigh data rate wireless transceivers for the 2.4GHz ISM band.
  • Provides 16 channels with high wireless data rates up to 2Mb/s.
  • Frame handling, outstanding receiver sensitivity and high transmit output power.
  • Design capable of operating from battery power for extended periods.

These features enable robust 6LoWPAN wireless communication connecting Arduino applications to the Internet of Things.



Chariot's system approach provides the key IoT functionalities: 

  • Web of Things: CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) provides you with the latest Internet of Things protocol standards that create web services to seamlessly and simply integrate dynamic, event-driven, Arduino smart objects. Web addressability down to the processor pin level is provided.
  • App Interfaces: Chariot includes an open source websocket-based, node.js backend for the Yún that exposes Chariot's publish-subscribe capabilities. CoAP resource discoverability is provided from the web and between Chariot-equipped Arduino motes residing in your wireless mesh. We also provide a Javascript frontend for prototyping and debugging.
  • IPv6 stack: provides IPv6 networking, The IPv6 stack was contributed by Cisco and carries the IPv6 Ready certification. The IPv6 stack contains the IETF RPL routing protocol for controlling traffic over low-power lossy IPv6 wireless networks. IETF 6LoWPAN header compression and adaptation layer for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless links means efficient operation and reduced power consumption.
  • Lightweight link layer mesh protocol for low-power wireless networks. 

Our solution allows students, experimenters, product developers and users to deliver their new applications and firmware securely over the air, on demand. We give the user extensive access to powerful sketches that demonstrate dynamic resource and event creation, subscribing and publishing events and controls to the web and OAuth2-based services.