Qualia Networks Inc. is an Internet of Things innovation company rooted in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina. QNI designs and manufactures next generation digital RF communication products for Makers that allow for simple, repeatable and scalable experimentation with composable, cooperative and coordinated systems of Web services, social networks and wireless sensor networks for a new breed of browser-based apps that augment your physical senses, control, monitoring and cognition of the world.


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QNI's products are event-driven, sleepy and extremely power efficient for long-battery life, minimal physical maintenance and ease of installation.


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  • 6LoWPAN / CoAP / REST APIs
  • Temboo + Google Services
  • Arduino IDE


Web Scale

Chariots ease development costs, time and complexity for wireless sensor networking applications:

  • Early-warning systems
  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Social Webs of Things
  • Web-connected Real-Time systems research
  • Networked Drones