Attention! Arduino Maker World-the Chariots have arrived!

March 15, 2016—Qualia Networks Incorporated announces initial availability of its Chariot – 2.4 GHz Web-of-Things Arduino Shield

Chariot, a full integration of Arduino with state of the art web-of-things technologies, is now available in sample quantities. These plug ’n play shields render your Arduinos into a low-power wireless mesh that implements the latest IETF standards. All of your Arduino resources (digital and analog pins, sensors, leds, switches, etc.) become accessible to local Arduinos on the mesh and the outside world through individual web-addresses.

Chariot seamlessly supports multi-arduino experiments and wireless distributed sensor system prototyping. No configuration, commissioning or additional router equipment is required. From distributed bots to a network of wireless vineyard monitors to the most sophisticated industrial IoT prototyping, Chariot is the solution for your Arduino IoT project.

Combine Chariot with Yún or an Ethernet shield on any Arduino and our free software to effortlessly launch websocket backends that web-apps use to connect to all of the resources in your Arduino web-of-things. Or create Arduino application gateway sketches that connect directly or through innovative services from suppliers like Temboo to your favorite cloud or communication services.

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Current availability—while the supply of samples lasts.

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